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Day Care Centre for the Locality of Marsa

Aims of the project

The aim of this project is to provide a safe, clean, warm and welcoming environment for those senior citizens who very often find themselves alone in the community. The locality of Marsa is rapidly ageing, a phenomenon seen across many localities around Malta but which is particularly pronounced in the Inner Harbour Region. The Marsa Local Council feels obliged to offer this welcoming place to give the respect and dignity that our senior citizens deserve. However, the lack of funds has always been the main factor that held the Council back in completing this project.

How the space looks like now and how it will change through the project​

Given that the premises of the Marsa Local Council is new (built in 2014) the place already has many of the necessary facilities, so the changes are primarily focused on the furnishings of the place to give it the ambiance of a home. Below are two images of the Marsa LC premises. No further PA permits are required for the completion of the Day Care Centre Project.

What services will be provided through this centre.​

A variety of activities will be provided; which would include (but not limited to) educational events, health and safety, nutrition, crafts, different talks, computer skills and many more. The Council will gauge the areas of interest from the attendees and expand on those topics.

Local council planning to make the project sustainable both in terms of financial and human resources

The costs related to maintaining the venue will surely be minimal as the Council premises are regularly cleaned.

The courses provided will be done in collaboration with respective Ministries (such a health talks provided by the Ministry of Health or educational  talks done by Agencies related to the Ministry of Education) and other NGOs as well as various local organisations that are willing to make this project a truly community based success. Such events will have no cost for the Council, except for providing light refreshments such as coffee/tea/biscuits, which the Council already does when informative talks are held in premises.